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Carillon Trubble Downtown
This was the craziest thing that I ever had happen so far.  The other day I was messing around with the computer, and checking out some things on the Internet, when I hit a button, and it said, "Click here for music."

I clicked there, and it went to some website that asked for my password.  I typed in, "Chocolate," and it said that was the wrong password, so then I typed in, "Coffee," and then it said, "Good morning, Clyde."

I figured that it should have known my name was Sparky, but maybe it was jest messing with me.  Then it asked, "What song would you like me to play today?"

I typed in for it to play "Old McDonald Had a Farm," then hit OK.  Then it wanted to know how long to play it, so I typed in "2," thinking that that would play it 2 times.  Then it asked me how many times a day and I again typed in "2," and hit OK.

Then it asked me if I wanted to change the password, so I typed in, "Chocolate Chip Cookies," and hit OK.

The thing said, "Thank You," and the window closed 

carillon_article.gif (14351 bytes)

The next day, the article above was in the paper, and now I'm worried that the FBI will be knocking on our door.  I guess they'll be looking for Clyde, though, so I probably don't have much to worry about.  Anyhow, it wasn't my fault, cuz if they would have told me that it was gonna change those bells I wouldn't have told it OK.

The Fish Feeder
Picture of Koi Cafe fish feeder
Jim got tired of going outside every day to feed them goldfish, so Gloria found this here fish feeder that does it automatically.  I think it cost about $200.00, plus she added a solar battery charger for another $75.00, so now those $2.00 worth of goldfish won't go hungry.

It works really great for when we go on vacation cuz that's when we would have to worry about them goldfish starving.

You can find out more about it at their website at:
Koi Cafe Feeder 

Sparky's Back Yard
Page 8
by Sparky

You might have noticed that there was no new back yard construction news since the last time.  That's cuz me and the old folks went on a vacation to ride a bunch of trains and check out a bunch of mine tours in Southwestern Colorado and we was gone for a week.  Then I had to make some pages about the trip, so you ken jest click here to find out more about that if you're interested.
The Split Rock City Railroad

Featuring Construction and Operational Information About the Railroad

August 23, 2003, Jim has been putting in some of the train tracks that he had left over from a train project at our old house, so when I get up from my next nap or the one just after that one, I'll go out and take some pictures of what he has gotten done so far.  He will run out of tracks pretty soon, so he will order some more from the track store on Monday morning.

He has to put some crusher fines on the dirt where the train is going to go, and level it with the tops of the stakes he already drove into the dirt Track bender that Jim uses to bend the rails to show the track grade.  Then he takes a couple of 5' long rails and lays them on the crusher fines bed after smoothing it out.  Then he takes a special track bender and makes whatever bends it takes to get the rails to fit the curves and puts the plastic tie strips to hold them in alignment.  Then he has to pour some special acid flux onto the rail connectors to clean everything up reel good.  Then, with a little sodelering soddering sodlering welding torch, he can heat up everything and make the sodder stick the rails together and make a good lecktrickal lecktrishickal power connection so the train doesn't jump and rattle when he runs it.  To keep the torch from melting the plastic ties, he puts a couple of wet paper towels over the rails and folds them down to protect the ties.

He worked Saturday and Sunday, and got about 80 feet of track put in and ready to go.  Then on Monday and Tuesday he went for bike rides and got all tired out, and it was too hot outside by the time he got back, so he didn't get nothing done in the yard.

August 27, 2003, Today is Gloria's birthday, so I'm not going to do any work outside.

August 28, 2003, I was all ready to go outside and work reel hard, but Jim went for a reel long bike ride, and by the time he got back it was too late for me to go to work, cuz then I would miss my nap.

Since I had eaten a reel good breakfast, like shown in photo #1 below, I checked out my First Aid Kit that I got cuz you ken never be too safe when you're doing heavy construction work like I do.  Photos #2 and #3 show the case the kit comes in and the contents spread out so Ty and I can make sure everything is there.  Photo #4 shows how I installed it onto the back of my Powerful Steam Shovel for fast access in case of an accident.

Photo #5 shows Jim at Timberline Gardens and the loader is just starting to dump a half yard of Crusher Fines into the trailer.  Photo #6 shows the Crusher Fines being dumped into the trailer.  Timberline Gardens is reel convenient for us, and they load us up reel quick.  The nice thing about that kind of a load is that you don't have to tie it down to keep it from falling out on the street.  You can find out more about Timberline Gardens by clicking on their website: 

Photo #7 shows the fish feeder machine that dumps some fish food into the pond around 5:00 every day.  Them goldfish know when it is almost time to eat cuz they get right under it and start swimming around all crazy like and bump into each other and crash into the lily pads.  Then the machine buzzes and some of their favorite food drops out and they all go completely crazy and race around, crashing into each other and grabbing pieces of food.  Then pretty soon it gets very quiet and they go to the bottom of the pond and chew up their treat.  Then, pretty soon they start circling again and racing faster and faster, then pretty soon another frenzy starts and they clean up all the remaining food.  Then that's it until the next day.  What an exciting life!!!

Sparky's Backyard Photo Album

Sparky's favorite breakfast besides chocolate chip cookies
1. Always have a good breakfast

First Aid Kit in convenient carrying case
2. Convenient first aid kit

Contents of Sparky's First Aid Kit
3. Contents of first aid kit

First aid kit installed on Powerful Steam Shovel
4. First aid kit installed

Loader getting ready to dump crusher fines in trailer
5. Loader dumping crusher fines

Dumping crusher fines into trailer
6. Crusher fines in trailer

Goldfish feeding frenzy
7. Goldfish in a feeding frenzy

Tracks after installation on little bridges
8. Tracks on little bridges

Posing for the first train ride
9. Posing for first train ride

Carefully crossing the twin bridges
10. Crossing the twin bridges

Crossing the large double-track trestle
11. Crossing the large trestle

First train crash at the long tunnel during the first train ride
12. First train wreck

First Train Ride, August 29, 2003  The track is not complete yet, but we are going to take a short train ride over the part of it that is complete, using the Powerful Steam Shovel to pull the cars.

Photo #9 shows us guys posing for a picture of us getting ready to take off on our first train ride on the new tracks.  Left to Right are:  Leroy, Ty, Sniffy, Spinnaker, Rusty, Dexter, Scooter, Sparky, and Lil Benny sitting on the Powerful Steam Shovel.

Photo #10 shows how the Powerful Steam Shovel easily pulls the heavy train and climbs over the framework of the twin bridges.

Photo #11 shows us crossing the large, double-track trestle.

Photo #12 shows the first train wreck at the entrance to the long tunnel.  I was driving the Powerful Steam Shovel, and turned around to remind all the other guys to keep their arms and legs in and to be sure to duck down for the tunnel, and the handle on the remote control got stuck and the Powerful Steam Shovel hit the portal to the tunnel and climbed up the front of it and flipped over, causing the first 2 train cars to flop over, too, throwing most of the guys all over the place.  Fortunately nobuddy was injured.  The Powerful Steam Shovel was a little too big for that tunnel, so I had planned to ease it around the side and over the top, just like I did at the twin bridges.  I'm gonna have to check out that remote control one of these days, cuz this wasn't the first time it has stuck.

August 30, 2003, It rained outside during the night, so Jim and I are gonna clean up the workbench and get ready for when things dry out outside.  I'll also take this opportunity to update this website and finish this page and get it published.
Dumb Sign of the DayDumb sign of the week

We saw this sign at a little store that rents Video Tapes and DVD's.  We was gonna ask the guy about which is the best way to rewind a DVD, but he was a big guy that was in a bad mood, so none of us guys wanted to get into trubble or get vandalized, so we jest kept quiet.

Copying a VHS TapeSparky showing Ty how to copy a video tape in Jim's scanner

This picture at the right shows you how we copy VHS tapes around here, by using Jim's computer scanner.  I already copied about 2 of them, but I haven't had a chance to play either of them to make sure the quality is as good as the original.  Next I need to see if I can copy a DVD the same way.

That's about it fer now.--Sparky
Finnicky Wasps

You read about the finnicky goldfish on the previous page.  Well, now the wasps seem to be finnicky.  Jim put up two wasp traps a few weeks ago, and in the bottom there is a cotton ball that you put some special wasp perfume on and it makes them think it is the ice cream store and they crawl in and then they can't get back out.

After about a couple of weeks, you have to clean the trap out and put in a new cotton ball and pour on some more of the special perfume stuff.

Well, one of the cotton balls got messed up, so Jim jest threw it away and went into the house to get another one.  Wouldn't you jest know it, a couple of months ago me and my brothers were playing around with those cotton balls, you know, stretching them out to make a pretend beard or mustache, or one of those wigs that the lawyers in England wear, and we was taking pictures of each other, and drinking root beer and eating crackers, and in short, jest having a reel good party.

In the end, we ended up throwing out all the cotton balls we was playing with, and then there were no more of them, so we also threw away the empty box as well.

Anyway, back to the story about the wasp traps. After Jim couldn't find any cotton balls, he jest rolled up a Kleenex and stuck it in the bottom of that trap and poured on that special wasp perfume and hung the trap up again.

The other trap had caught 3 or 4 new wasps within about 15 minutes, and the other one withthe Kleenex instead of the cotton ball took 2 days to even catch one.  We figgered that since those wasps are always hanging around the fish pond, that big white goldfish must have made them get finnicky, too, and they jest refuse to get trapped in a trap that doesn't have a genuine cotton ball!!!

of the
Bicycle sorta like Jim's
"If Jim rides his bike 3 times a week for about 20 miles each ride and averages 11 miles per hour, how many rides a week will he have to take to ride 150 miles and average 40 miles per hour?"  (That's how fast those Tour de France racers go.  Maybe that's why Jim wasn't invited).



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